Lloyd loom furniture – what it is and where it came from

Lloyd loom is a kind of fabric that originated in the United States in the early 1920s. Let’s trace the history of this well known design and look at what it has evolved into today.

The history

The invention of the Lloyd loom began in 1917 when an American named Marshall B Lloyd covered a metal wire by winding kraft paper around it and then mounting it onto a loom and weaving it. He sold the design to an Englishman who put it to use on the English furniture that he was manufacturing. Soon this kind of furniture was the ‘in’ thing all across Europe. There has been no looking back from that point onwards and the process of manufacturing this furniture was obviously so perfect that it has not been changed ever since. It is still manufactured the same way even today. Once the wicker is ready it is attached to a frame. More information >> Vintage Loloyd Loom

Current furniture designs

Lloyd loom furniture is still manufactured to perfection all over the world. Most manufacturers pride themselves on exquisite designs that are hand crafted to perfection. This furniture can be made for indoor or outdoor use and can also be custom made in whatever colour that one likes.

Lloyd Loom Furniture

Caring for your furniture

Caring for your Lloyd loom furniture in the right manner will preserve it as long as possible. If you need to dust it, the best thing to do would be to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to take out the dust in between the crevices. If it needs cleaning, a weak cleaning liquid, warm water and a sponge should do the trick and stubborn stains can be removed with a soft toothbrush, then remember to dry the furniture with a soft dry cloth. Read about restoring old pieces.

Vincent Sheppard’s new Outdoor rattan Collection now also enables you to enjoy traditional Lloyd Loom seating comfort on your terrace, round the pool or on the balcony. To make the Lloyd Loom chairs resistant to moisture and damp, they are first dipped in a bath of latex. This protective layer is then baked on in a kiln. Finally, the chairs are given a finishing coat of moisture resistant lacquer in the colour of the customer’s choice. The hand welded aluminium frames make Vincent Sheppard outdoor chairs particularly sturdy and ultra lightweight, which also means they are extremely easy to handle. They will stand up to anything the weather and wind can throw at them during the summer months. To enable you to extend the life of your outdoor collection for as long as possible, we recommend that you bring the chairs indoor during the cold, damp winter months.

Due to the British climate in winter we have now introduced a new outdoor rattan furniture made from synthetic fibre. This rattan garden furniture is all weather furniture and so can be left outdoors all year round and is virtually maintenence free. See also wicker outdoor furniture.

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