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We specialise in the best quality Lloyd Loom furniture. We are major stockists of Vincent Sheppard and London Loom.

Please explore our website to see the different designs of Lloyd Loom furniture we sell, from beautifully crafted dining tables and chairs to stylish beds and headboards.

We understand that furnishing your home is personal, but our extensive knowledge of Lloyd Loom furniture can help you make the important decisions in designing the look you want for your home. Please visit us or call us for any assistance.

Our showroom is based in the UK, however, we supply to clients all over Europe.

The History of Lloyd Loom

The invention of the Lloyd loom began in 1917 when an American named Marshall B Lloyd covered a metal wire by winding kraft paper around it and then mounting it onto a loom and weaving it. Lloyd sold the design to an Englishman who put it to use on the English furniture that he was manufacturing. It didn’t take long for this type of furniture to become popular across Europe. There has been no looking back from that point and the process of manufacturing this furniture was obviously so perfect that it has not been changed ever since. It is still manufactured the same way even today.

Vincent Sheppard

In 1992, Vincent Sheppard, a Belgian company started to produce the traditional craftsmanship of Lloyd Loom. Vincent Sheppard created a stunning collection of contemporary Lloyd Loom furniture. The Belgian company found huge success that year, and have continued to improve their designs and craftsmanship every year. It has been said that Vincent Sheppards imaginative designs combing tradition and modernity reinvented Lloyd Loom.

Today, Vincent Sheppard is a global brand and their furniture is seen in restaurants and hotels across the World.

London Loom

Made in the UK, London Loom is beautiful hand crafted Lloyd Loom furniture. Both timeless and elegant, London Loom furniture is bespoke, it is available in any colour. London Loom serves both individual customers to large corporate companies, from a single bedroom chair to 800 restaurant dining chairs.

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