Woven Furniture

Painting Lloyd Loom

Quite often people find interesting lloyd loom furniture in second hand stores. However more often than not, this furniture requires a good facelift. You can either restore this furniture back to its original glory or you can paint it. Yes, paint it. You can paint it yourself. Here’s how:

  • The things you will need
    If you intend on taking on the task of painting Lloyd loom, the first and most important thing that you need is a lot of time. Without time you will definitely not be able to finish the job properly. Once you have figured that out, what you will require is either a spray painting kit, which I doubt you will have to hand. Or sponge brushes, paint, and drop cloths. If the furniture that you intend painting is to go in the garden make sure that the paint you buy is meant for outdoor usage.

  • Prepare the piece of furniture
    The next thing that you need to do is clean up the Lloyd loom furniture. You will need to tie up loose legs, sand edges that are rough and hose it down so that it is free of dust and debris. Once the furniture is clean you might need to apply a coat of primer. You will not need to use a primer if you have picked a colour of paint that will hide the original colour.

  • Painting
    Painting is the always the last thing that you do. It is advisable that you start with the large areas like the chair seat and the backrest. Once you have finished with these, work your way to the arms and legs. If your loom furniture is ornate you should tackle these areas last.